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BACK TO NEVERLAND – Rainbow Gathering n°2 | Jay WorldMan

I am writing on a train going from Budapest to Vienna.

Indeed, this is in Hungary that the magic island had been located, and where I found it myself, near the village of Becel, in the north east of the country. People say the island should move soon again, to Spain, but I won’t be onboard anymore: I already said the traditional “see you in five minutes” to the sisters and brothers I have met on that adventure, and I am heading to the next one.

I have already written an article, in French, about my experience in a rainbow gathering (for this is what it’s all about) but I will add a couple of words now, before the magic goes away, ripen apart by the cynic ferocity of Babylon…

I still smell like a rainbow. Sweat, herbs, rain, incense, smoke, hashes, sun, flowers, a little bit of what was served at lunch-circle and hundreds of other human smells cover my skin. I’ve been hugged and I’ve hugged a lot.

When I first arrived in Budapest, I wasn’t too sure that this second experience would be that great. My mind was too polluted to have conscious of its own state. It took me days to connect to the rainbow spirit… But finally, it happened and again, I could do nothing but wonder before the magnificence of so many people coming together from so many different cultures and backgrounds, living in such love, harmony and colorful anarchy altogether.

It also helped me to see the true face of Babylon: that big heartless machinery to which no one wants to return after discovering the island… Lots of us reach its shores injured, out of breath, energy and love-less… I’ve seen brothers and sisters bursting into tears when discovering the misery of their “normal” life through the prism of the rainbow. I would have easily called some of them “crazy” at first, before realizing that such judgmental statement would be a symptom of my own sickness: like those people who would call the dancing man “crazy” because they’re simply to deaf to hear the music…

But little by little, I’ve purified myself. Dancing around the fire helped a lot, especially on the full moon party, after a perfectly rounded orange moon had replaced the sun in the sky. Half naked, perched on a pyramid of wood that would later turn into a gigantic sacred fire, I shouted, arm extended, my finger pointing toward the horizon:


The news had been welcomed by enthusiastic redskins’ hoohoo and wolves’ shouts. It also added a big wide smile to the Indian-like symbols already painted on my face. The energy was high, powered up by the mother of the night: we would dance and sing ‘til dawn! Hey ya! Hey ya! Hey ya hey ya ho!

But first: let’s start the fire!!

Fi-re, sacred fi-re,

Shi-ning through the night

Come to me in my dreamtime

Show me vi-sions of life”

(sing ‘til the fire reaches its climax)

We all sang, with one voice, to help the flames grow… one voice of around 1.5 thousand people I’d say. Quite magical! So many things actually deserve the qualification of “magic” in a “rainbow”: now that I’ve been twice to a gathering I allow myself to talk about them in general.

Magic, is the fact that everyone tries to act in the most lovely way, even when a brother misbehaves: the most peaceful remedy is being sought and found; magic is the number of talented artists gathered to sing, dance, play with fire, paint, play the music and so many other things that I don’t know how to name with general words, such as this sister playing with a crystal ball in such way that the ball would float between her fingers… fire artists… another sister asking for a ride to Budapest at lunchtime, holding a piece of paper stating “I need a ride on Monday (we are Saturday)” because no one remembers what day we are… we even forget what our faces looks like after a few days, because appearance doesn’t matter anymore and that there are no mirrors anyway!! Aaaah! So much to say! Let’s deal with what I want to share with you topic after topic!

GENERAL SPIRIT & Organization

I talked a lot on that matter in my previous article and don’t want to copy paste (have a look here). The anarchy system WORKS. It worked last time with 200-300 people and worked this time with 1000-2000. An American sister told me that some gathering in the US could grow up to 30.000 people… and still, work, on the same anarchy value as usual.

As we (random sisters and brothers sitting next to each other at dinner time) were in complete wonder before that miracle, we discussed how such thing was possible. How can you get so many people to come together in a community which main value is absolute freedom, where there is no above authority and no rules, but “guidelines”; no leaders but “focalizers”?

My best answer is: because the rainbow island is lost and mobile.

If it was easy to find, anyone could come up for a day and enjoy everything that the family provides you with in the gathering, without giving any counterpart… For there is at least one counterpart to be given if joining a rainbow: you should come with an open heart. This rule isn’t written anywhere: there are no rules, just guidelines… But if you don’t follow that one, even though you manage to join physically, you won’t be able to connect and the magic of the rainbow will pass aside from you. Even worst: one’s attitude might bother the others. To prevent this to happen, the island is hard to find: only the one who is really committed to find it, ready to travel far away, uncertain of what he’ll find once arrived, having walked for a while (for no public transportation should ever lead to a rainbow) shall reach his final destination. The rainbow people have all passed that test. They’re not here to be mean to one another: their heart is open, curious; they’ve come to share with and learn from the others. That’s how we don’t need to have rules, just guidelines.

If the island was static, people would start settling for a while. One would start to say “mine”, when referring to the area where he has put his tent, or the tree under which he has the habit to have a rest: property would arise. Furthermore: groups would be formed, dividing the family between newcomers and permanent residents… People would forget one of the main truth of life: we’re only passing by. This is what happened to Babylon. The rainbow should remain mobile for everyone to remain a newcomer, and be welcomed as such.

Now I’ll go through a few interesting example of conflicts, rules application, etc. Those kind of things, you see.

As I am a postgraduate in law, I will try a legal approach to describe the functioning of the rainbow gathering system… This is just for the fun of it and for you to understand, nothing as such really exists in concrete, and it’s just how I perceive it.

If a rainbow gathering had a constitution, it would have two articles.

Article 1 would be love, with everything that word covers.

Article 2 would be freedom.

Laws” would come hereafter. But in reality they would be nothing more than “guidelines” due to the article 2 of the Constitution: that article being stronger than laws, no law should refrain someone from doing whatever he likes…

I give you some funny example on that matter:

Situation at the bakery!!!

On the way to the main fire, a bakery had been built, for brothers and sisters to express their cooking skills. By using an ancient alchemist process, they were able to turn evil Babylonian currency into delicious cookies. There you could get rid of your coins, to provide them with material, if you felt like, or give them nothing but a smile, if you felt like, and enjoy! The bakers would call “First time serving!” and you’d just have to serve yourself… the idea being that you serve yourself only once, until everybody has served himself a first time, and that “second time serving!” is being called.
One brother was serving himself for the fourth or fifth time on a “first time serving” and one of the baker started being annoyed. She couldn’t forbid him (= limit his freedom) to serve himself, but she had the freedom not to serve cookies anymore and so she did. The brother was hungry and, I dare to risk being a little judgmental by saying: “maybe a bit out of his mind” (at least from an average point of view). He walked around the wooden bar and entered the bakery area to get more cookies. The other bakers became annoyed by this… He was not supposed to be there, especially for hygienic reasons: everyone could use the bakery and turn into a baker but you would have to clean your arms appropriately, etc. and that brother hadn’t. He was also trying to get for himself the cookies that had initially being cooked with love to be shared with everyone… You understand, I am sure, how everybody was being sad? Myself I was even considering jumping over the bar, breaking his arm while taking him to the ground before spiting in his face and suggesting him that: “If you don’t walrusing* get out of this walrusing bakery I walrusing kill you, beach!!!!*”

*reminder: in french, the « F-word » sounds exactky the same that the word we use for « walrus »… and I can’t help thinking about walrus every time I swear in english

Of course, that wouldn’t have been a rainbow-way to deal with the problem: that brother wasn’t being aggressive at all, he was just hungry and selfish… or more precisely: he didn’t seem able to realize that there was a limited quantity of cookies. So we talked to him. Everybody repeated “brother, please, get out of the bakery, please…” and he was gently invited to leave. He wouldn’t at first. He apparently needed to explain his intention. The bakers were annoyed but stayed calm, and repeated their wish for him to leave the bakery, so did some of the hungry awaiting other cookies-eaters (me). Once he was done explaining the reason why he wanted more cookies, realizing his behavior was being generally disapproved, our very hungry brother finally gave up with his intentions… When you read about that story, it looks like it took a while, but it didn’t. I could have made it shorter: the guy came in; people disapproved; he left. But I wanted you to understand the tremendous efforts that had been made by everyone to respect the two articles of the “rainbow constitution”, love & freedom, even though the bakery and serving guidelines hadn’t been respected.

Moto invasion!!!

This rainbow gathering (September 2014 – Hungary) was taking place in a festival location. It’s not a normal place for a rainbow gathering. Although the festival location was hidden, it was not secret and local people would sometimes use it for other activities, such as motocross, for example. But the family had rent the place, so from a Babylonian point of view we had the right not to be disturbed… Some people were not aware of it and they entered one of the plains, circled with forest, which we occupied with our tents and a couple of wooden structures. The engine could be heard from far but the motorcycles were going fast, spreading massive amount of gas in the air, in a place where so many people felt concerned by the smallest piece of plastic, composting their food and their pooh, and refusing to use electricity except maybe for their torch when walking at night (some even dislike it though)… you can imagine the shock! The general loving & natural collective energy was being destroyed. Panic stroke. One brother who was leading a workshop nearby shouted:


People started to run toward the riders… I personally reacted like a wild dog: while running toward the target, I was picturing the high kick that would put an end to the invasion. I was ready to hit and bite…

– There is no need for panic!

were the words which instantly brought me back to a state of peace with a loving heart (I’m so not easy to influence, see). Those words hadn’t been shouted but spoken high, with a smile, by the most luminous brother I have ever met. This guy was constantly smiling, though being down on earth, witty and wise; always finding some loving words whatever the situation was… A true example and source of inspiration to me, I have to say, for as far as I know him – but that’s precisely the few I know that inspires me.

And as I was calming down under the effect of those words, I reached the motorcycles riders. They had stopped when they’d met some brothers and sisters on their way. They were locals; Hungarians with helmet on their heads and military outfits, riding their thundering horses from Hell in our holy sanctua… Ok: or they were just guys having fun on a Sunday afternoon, up to you.

One of our Hungarian sisters was talking to them in their language. They didn’t seem to argue, they just listened for a while, then left. The problem was solved without confrontation, although I would have bet my shirt that reasoning those guys in military outfits and noisy engines who had entered so far in our private area without even realizing they were bothering us while there are naked people, yoga workshops and children running everywhere around was a total loss of time… I was wrong.

It gets hot by the fire!!!

The “conflict” happened while I was attending my first “morning circle”, a “talking circle” where everyone can share information, talk about an issue, ask questions and get answers. As there are no leaders in the tribe, the morning circle can be organized by anyone. You just have to tell everybody else and you’d do so by shouting “Morning circle”!

As the rainbow people are being spread on a vast area, divided in plains and forest, your shout will only be heard by the closest group of people. Therefore they will then shout as well for the next group of people to be aware, etc.: that’s the way announcements travel in a rainbow.

You should make an announcement three times before starting what’s being announced, for every willing-participant to have time to come by. It can be a long walk. On the third call, precise that the circle is starting

– Morning circle, NOW!

The guidelines of a talking circle regard the use of the “talking stick”. The talking stick is a stick; preferably a nice one with a feather on top of it but any stick would do, really. The only person “allowed” (better say “supposed”) to talk is the one with the stick. The others can approve what he says by saying “Aho!” (for example) or remain silent. The stick shall travel clockwise as long as necessary until no one has nothing more to say.

You can say anything you like but you’ll find it very tiring to hear people talking about non-sense or personal concerns just because they feel like they have the power to do it because they hold the stick. Ideally, you should talk about something that interests everyone, or ask a question the others can answer or say something that comes from the heart: that is always much welcome. But you can say anything really.

Hymn, an older/more experienced brother with a highly adventuro-poetic life (he pays his travels by writing poems on the pavements of big cities/Babylon), was struggling to explain us the guidelines… Some of us were not really paying attention, it seemed. Hymn had to repeat himself and remind one of our brothers what the guidelines were… That very brother was indeed… hmm… how to put it? He wasn’t very concerned by what the others had to say… or so it felt like, at least to me and though I wouldn’t allow myself to express such thought, during the rainbow, as it is far too much a negative thought. But you get the idea? He was talking and even joking with people out from the circle when he didn’t have the talking stick; he would leave the circle when his turn had passed and come back when the talking stick was getting near again; he would keep the stick for ages and always find something to say… You get the big picture? But all of that had to be respected and so did we. Although I have to confess I had a hard time trying not to judge him when he announced us that he was a messenger of Metreya, the Buddha of the future who was now on earth and even better: on his way to join our gathering in a couple of days…

So, there was:

  • Hymn, in the role of the leader (even though he wasn’t and never claimed to be – I’m just analyzing the situation);
  • Buddha’s buddy in the role of the disturber;
  • and another Russian brother in the role of the follower.

I was a follower myself in the sense that I gave a lot of credit to Hymn for transmitting us the guidelines. But I didn’t take part to the action, for this is what happened.

Hymn was, once again, while holding the stick, reminding us that it was important to listen to one another, etc. Suddenly, Buddha-guy who had seen a friend passing by, called for him, or something. The Russian brother, shocked by that violation of the rule/guideline, had a bad reflexe and hit him in the chest (they were one arm distant from each other).

If we analyze the situation, it looks like this:

  1. The leader tells the rule (again and again)
  2. The disturber breaks the rule
  3. The follower shows his devotion to the leader/takes the chance to get a social promotion/whatever the reason is/etc. by getting the rule enforced.

SO! Buddha’s buddy had been hit in the chest. Such violent gesture is never to be seen on a rainbow, though, to help you getting a better picture I have to say that this Russian guy was pretty small and his violent gesture (it was a violent-gesture nevertheless) pretty soft.

Now the reaction of Buddha’s buddy was interesting because what he said was very true. He got a little mad to say the truth, but avoided saying too many bad words, and with a strong voice where you could sense a strong confident authority spiced with anger but-not-tooooooo-much, he claimed that he was free and could do whatever he wanted!

And actually, he was right. Although he was not behaving a way I liked, no one had the right to limit his freedom and certainly not to hit him. He could even pee in the sacred fire if he wanted to… What could we do then? There are only three possibilities I see:

  1. try to reason him, discuss and convince him to respect the fire as much as everybody else was doing it
  2. convince him to leave or at least to stop disrespecting the sacred fire
  3. purify the fire or make another one with the hope he will respect it that time or leave, all of us, to somewhere he can’t find us…

I am not a very experienced rainbow warrior so I’m not quite sure how we would deal with such situation, but this are the possible reactions I can imagine from what I’ve learnt, so far… and since violence and non-loving behavior are supposed to be avoided at all time.


Dodgy neighborhood!!!

How would we deal with someone being persistently aggressive and violent toward the others? The question arose in two occasions.

The first time because backpacks had been stolen. We found the remaining dispersed in the woods… It happened once, twice… then people decided to react. Not all the people, some people within the group who were aware of it, and who felt like doing something about the situation. They brought up the subject during the morning circle and everyone gave his opinion. What was the problem exactly? What the solution? How would we communicate on that matter? Everything was discussed during the circle, and by mixing everyone’s wisdom, we reached what fit us best as a final answer.
They were high suspicion that the robbery was the fact of people who had been following the gathering from Romania (the previous gathering place) to Hungary and were stealing the backpackers methodically, making plenty of money out of that lucrative activity. Who were those people? The only thing that really mattered about them is that they were from another tribe than ours, trying to take advantage of us. Best thing would be to identify them individually, invite them to join us in a friendly way and try to find out where they were coming from (spotting their car’s number would be the easiest way). That should put enough pressure on them for them to stop… or so we hoped. At least it did look like the best first step.
Warning everybody was also a must, we did so at lunch time, when everybody circled to get the food. We created a human-high-speaker: one who stands in the middle and shout at the others, twenty meters away from him, in a circle, who would then repeat what they’d heard to the crowd. Lunch-circle was big and we had to proceed that way. It was a success and I believe no one heard about bag being stolen anymore… Maybe were the thieves among us? Did they hear the message? Or do I simply ignore the real end of the story? I dunno!

The second occasion for us to deal with persistent violent people arose when some random brother who didn’t seem to master his mind very much became aggressive and violent toward his neighbors. The neighbors came to complain to other brothers and sisters and a “shantishiva” procedure was called. That word means “peacekeeper” (or so I’ve been told), and such peacekeepers are being called, among the rainbow people, when we need to face an emergency. Peacekeepers are allowed to hit disrespectful brothers in the balls and pop their eyes out… No, just kidding: peacekeepers peacefully go to face the aggression wherever it is, try to negotiate, I believe, but might as well use “peaceful-force” to prevent someone from hitting the others? I don’t know, I didn’t go: the aggressive brother being mentally unstable, it was decided that we shouldn’t be too many to go talk to him… So I don’t know what the outcome of this story is, but I’ve heard brothers talking about expulsing him from the gathering. I wish I could tell you more on that matter but I can’t: my study is incomplete…
Still: this story gives us an important clue regarding the two articles of the rainbow “constitution”: it seems that love prevails on freedom for one’s freedom can be softly limited if he doesn’t behave in a kind-hearted way.

Alright, that’s about it regarding the “General spirit & organization” matter!


One of the main questions I’ve been asked when telling about my first rainbow gathering is:

– What the walrus do you do all day long?!

I’ve paid attention this time, not only to what I did but to what the others were doing as well to come up with a relevant answer!

The basic stuff:

To start with, you’ve to do the basic stuff, which, when you live so close to mother nature, can sometime take a while… It’s ok, you don’t care: you have plenty of time!

Basic stuff include: sleeping, peeing, shitting, and fetching water, eating, socializing, washing (if you do), singing and dancing.

Most of those seven activities are to be done in a specific area and this is already filling up most of your day! (ok, I’m pushing it)

Sleeping: goes to tent!

Shitting: goes to the shit-pit!

Fetching water: goes to the river or the pomp!

Washing: at the river, the “shower place”, the lake or anywhere else if you’re using your own bottles.

Eating: around the main fire.

Socializing: everywhere.

Singing and dancing: around the main fire, other fires or anywhere else…

Regarding eating: there are two collective meals a day which involve plenty of singing before and after food is served so you have to count several hours to be done…

The singing and dancing happen here and then, mostly around the meals, and at night you just have to open your ears to decide which tipi you want to join (it’s like picking up a club downtown): would you go for reggae, Spanish songs, folk music? I always go for mantra singing, personally: I love the power of united voices around a wooden fire!

Service stuff:

When you receive so much, such as you do in a rainbow gathering, like free food, free entertainment, free love, free family and friends etc, you want to give as well! As the song says:

And the more that I give

The more I got to give

It’s the way that I live

It’s what I’m living for

Indeed, you probably won’t feel good if you only receive and don’t give: the energy needs to flow through your body, and you shouldn’t let it stuck there. I personally haven’t felt good in this gathering until I started giving myself… So you want to involve yourself in serving the community, which is also the best way to make acquaintances. Things you could basically do to help are:

  • Fetch wood/take care of the fire
  • Cook/bake
  • Provide kitchen and bakery with water
  • Serve the food
  • Entertain the kids
  • Hold a workshop/share your knowledge
  • Build/Look after the wooden structures
  • Play music to entertain and support the other working people

Learning activities

One of the most profitable things you could do of your day in a rainbow is to learn from the others… for they know so much! In a rainbow you’re being surrounded by people who have very different backgrounds, come from different countries, and have learnt so many different things: a rainbow of knowledge, basically. Anyone of them can offer to hold a “workshop” on a subject he has mastered (and so can you). In such case he/she will advert about it at the next food-circle.

Here is a list of workshop I’ve heard of or attended (gathered by category).

  • Yoga and meditation workshops (the most common, from far: specialized on many different type of yoga… included tai-chi and chi-gong, etc. I don’t remember the name of them all, there are too many!)
  • Shamanic journeys and ceremonies
  • Singing and music workshops (where you learn about special instrument, or special energy-related ways of singing)
  • Dancing workshop (generally connected with concept such as trust, letting go, and energy)
  • Healing workshop (Reiki, breathing workshop and other workshop to purify, clean or heal yourself)
  • Massage workshop (where you learn how to give X type of traditional-ancestral massage from X different countries)
  • Rainbow workshop (where you learn about the rainbow gathering, organization, traditions, etc.)
  • Babylonian workshop (where you learn how to deal with Babylon and improve your life when you’re away from the family… Three examples of workshops I put in this category:
    • Bitcoin workshop (Bitcoin is a name of a new currency that can be used to pay on the internet. It’s a currency owned by the people for the interest of the people rather than being controlled by a bank or a state… Or so I’ve understood from what the guy said. But you’d better check it out the internet if you’re curious about it :p)
    • Consensus workshop (on how to apply a consensus making process in your daily life)
    • Hobo workshop (on how to survive in big cities… and I am sooooo sad I missed that one!!!! That’s one big regret I have. Though I think I recall there is a “hobo-wikipedia” on the net that gathers information on the same matter).

Free activities

Easy: in this category enters whatever you can think of, and very often, from what I’ve seen: practicing meditation or yoga; playing chess; having a walk; writing; painting and drawing; confectioning crowns of flowers; preparing and sharing chai; sunbathing; etc.

Funnily I’ve never seen anyone using playing cards though.

Special events

Finally, and in addition of everything that has already been listed before, there are sometimes special events or simply rarer events that require a particular contingency or the participation of some knowledgeable brother/sister or whatever-reason-that-make-them-happen-less-often. In this category I put:

  • Full moon parties (only at full moon)
  • Sweat Lodge ceremonies (a specific structure and specific knowledge and competencies are required)
  • Male or special female tipi gatherings (only for one gender or the other: to share specific/private knowledge)
  • Angel walks (warf… that one would be long to explain! :p if you want to know what an “Angel walk” is, you’ll have to ask for it – using the comment button at the end of the article ;)

Alright, that’s about it regarding what there is to do in a rainbow!



Talking about the rainbow with brothers and sisters, commenting the organization and how it’s so great everybody is so friendly here and blablabla, this question arose: what, in our heart, brings us to a rainbow? What is it that makes it so special to us?

I had to take a minute to give my own answer. Funnily, it was the same than the one who had asked me the question.

My answer was that what brings me to the rainbow is that here, I can be a child again. Not childish, but a real child: there’s nothing I have to worry about; there will be food and water to drink; I can play and learn all day long or just do nothing if I don’t want to; I have plenty of mates around and I can behave the way I like without being judged… I remember that, before going to sleep on the full moon night, although it was time for me to get some rest, I couldn’t leave the main fire area… a gigantic plain with a big sacred fire in the center and the moon just above. Though, walking away, I felt like running and jumping around, one more time, under the blue light of the moon. My arms extended on each side of my body, I was being plane, never running straight but running in circle or from side to side to cope with the wind coming from the front… I don’t remember being a plane in the past 25 years, but I was often, before… and it feels so good! I was jumping here and then, and so did my heart in my chess. The rainbow had managed to erase 25 years of Babylonian education and teaching on what is appropriate and what is not. I was free in a deeper meaning. Thank you Rainbow family for creating such a magical sanctuary!

Sadly, now that I’m out of it, I can only but witness that the magic effects don’t last… People are so cold in Babylon, frozen. You can’t hug people you don’t know just because they are passing your way… It’s very frustrating at first, but you end up imitating their behavior, and everything gets back to “normal”. I’ve become serious again.

But not too much ;)


Out from the forest I had to hitchhike to go back to Budapest and my facetious destiny sent me the most extreme encounter she could think of to welcome me back to Babylon. A 60 years old Hungarian man who was going to collect signature in Budapest against the war in Ukraine… Lovely, I thought. The guy was studying philosophy in Vienna and we started talking about politics etc. Freshly out from the rainbow I had hearts in my eyes and I didn’t realize where the conversation was going when he precised that he was against the war in Ukraine because an Hungarian community was living there… That it all started because Ukraine wanted to join the EU… That the EU is a big capitalist machinery that steals the money from its country… That his values were God, his country and his family and that the EU was the opposite of that all… That the whole system was controlled by a few men anyways… That those men were Jews… That Hitler was indeed hated by some people but that he was a hero to some others… That’s a big nuclear war was on its way, organized by the Jews to destroy Russia and the surrounding countries if necessary, as long as America, their holy land, would be preserved… That when this war would start there would be no food anymore in the big cities, no electricity anymore and that there would be chaos and anarchy, which was the reason why he had joined a “combat group” with whom he was training hard to be ready to cope with such situation… and that, overall, if he was given the order to shoot, he would.

« Whoawhaohawhat?! »

Am I still on the same planet?! Am I actually ten kilometers away from where I was just before?! Yes, this man was ready to shoot and even looking forward to it: I felt it, I felt it was the best way he could think of to protect his values and prove himself useful… A very human behavior: everyone wants to prove himself useful to the community he belongs. The world would be nicer if we’d all find a loving way to do so.

Arrived in Budapest, my man walked me to the train-station. He was very friendly with a cute grand-pa face. But his heart was injured and chained to beliefs and things that were filling it with fears and hate whenever they were being shaken. He was not free. Poor man, poor us.

Here is a Poem from Hymn (a brother I’ve mentioned above), that he gave me on my request, around the main fire. One of those he writes on the pavement of Babylon…

They call me Hymn, nothing more

I am a gatekeeper to the most magical of doors,

It leads to an island all mystical and light

Were the rainbow warriors tend to Earth’s, perilous plight,

This island it flickers it moves like a ghost

But if you follow my story, you’ll find your the host,

Your the reader, the writer, the topic also,

Ov this beautiful story that’s beginning to grow.

So who are the warriors from the island of light,

With the mystical name “the family ov the living light”

Were the rainbow warrior’s from the prophocy’

Ov which the Hopi elders once spoke to me.

They said that there would soon come a day,

When all the wild animals had gone away,

When mother nature was in pain

At all the destruction caused in god’s name.

They said that there would come a tribe from all creed’s, all cultures,

The disaffected one’s amongst us.

That we would light and lead the way,

To a bright and beautiful new day.

When all the fences had come down,

And mother nature once again wore her crown,

That then the human race would prosper

And the mother host would not foster

Any blame, or guilt, or shame,

Just join us in breath’s sweet refrain


So the rainbow warriors is who we be,

Or, the romantic wanderers hooked into Einsteins theory

that energy build matter, no matter what it be,

so the author of my story, should rightfully be me.

And you can write your own story,

start a new one today,

make the rules up ov the game that you want to play.

Claim your authority, make yourself great,

there’s no harm in an ego if its one that you create.

I call mine ‘Hymn” nothing more nothing less

I find it suits my anonaminity best.

Cos I am a traveler, a storyteller and more I hold the key to a magical door,

and if you check me out on facebook Ill tell you some more.