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Confinement | Jay WorldMan
A few words on what’s happening to us as a friend suggested me (lov you @magti). First general considerations, then practical advices on how to deal with the #confinement.

This confinement time is a time of sharing, of listening to one another and meditate on it… We now have a precious time we otherwise wouldn’t have.

First of all I want to tell you that what’s happening to us is a wonderful thing.
Despite the deads, despite the fear.
Because If you believe in science, you cannot avoid believing in its prediction : we are going to massively suffer from the consequences of our economical activity and the damages it causes to Earth.
Wether it is global warming, storms, desertification, pandemics we are or we were (future will tell) going to take a massive slap that we could (have) avoid(ed) if we (had) change(d) in time.
The current crisis is a UNIQUE occasion to stop and think what’s ought to be, so to avoid much worst.
It is literally like pinching your finger while trying to stop the count down of a nuclear bomb. The pain calls you back down to Earth in a moment of blur and helps you focus again on what matters. The pinch is the covid. The bomb is all the consequences of what we are doing wrong, all packed up.

What are we doing wrong ? I’ll make a very simple list, with let’s say 4 points :

1- We POLLUTE too much.
Our planet is like a little globe, a bubble seen from space. We are filling it up with polluted air while shaking its chemical components and destroying the very balance that took ages to have us born. It’s basically self destruction. Proven. Well scientifically documented and argumented. Let’s grow conciousness of it, and act accordingly.

2- We are too VIOLENT.
We need more equality, fraternity, respect between

– all humans, women, men, all the other genders that are arising and bursting this unfited classification ;
– children, whose condition, expectations, needs and universe is also to be listened to and regarded as of prime importance ;
– and OF COURSE all the other beings, animals, plants, minerals : friendly dog to biomass, appartment plant to wild forest, lucky stone to the very ground we walk on and all its ressources…

…so that everyone is involved, with its intention, energy and/or simply its doings, in a common direction that creates common benefit : harmony.

This is the state of nature, this is what Earth put in motion before we arrived.
We need to get back to this, or to the very least, take that direction.
We need to stop the violence, the psychological one and the physical one : we humans are perpetrating violence and reaching a level of violence that is unseen in Nature. Animals do kill each other, sometimes, mostly to feed themselves, rarely but occasionally through territorial or social conflicts… but very rarely. A lion’s herd might kill a zebra. It doesn’t slaughter thel all, park them in cages for artificial reproduction purposes and modify them genetically.
Humans are slaughtering the world. Not at your uncle’s farm but through this invisible industry that iss so well hidden from your eyes behind the picture of happy cows, happy pigs and happy chicken that are printed on the box of your happy meals. But it’s a dead being inside. Let’s stop the VIOLENCE let’s be fraternal. Let’s grow conciousness of it, and act accordingly.

3- We need more UNITY as we face global challenges we need global unity to deal with them. On this matter the recent idea of « nation » plays against us on some many levels. If human cultural identities and differences are one of our most cherished treasure, we nevertheless need to unite at a GLOBAL political level to deal with global challenges. This require the INVENTION of something new, a new political Earth system, with well measured stratums so to take in account every local specific situation… but still show and act in unity at the global level. Let’s grow conciousness of it, and act accordingly.

4- We are not EDUCATED enough, not about the right things. Not the majority of us, and not the leaders that the majority elects. We need a switch of education to have a switch of majority to have a switch of leaders : leaders that have a creative and generous mindset, rather than the economically orientated mindset of the power-junkies that are currently in charge. We also need to adopt a new electoral system that allows the right profile of leaders to be elected, which is not the case with an electoral system that privileges competition spirit… No wonder why we end up being led by wealthy liars and cheaters rather than honnest and generous wises. Let’s question our education system, even beyond school : let’s question the tv programs we watch and finance, do they serve our moral and intelectual growth ? Let’s grow conciousness of all this, and act accordingly.

The covid crisis gives us the time to think before we make the final move toward our destruction… or toward massive change.

The change starts here, in your head.
And spreads from here, from your mouth.

We are in need of adopting a new way of thinking, we are in NEED to spread it.
It’s everyone’s responsibility.

Do it and we will all react as a domino game, don’t do it and we are dead.

Not all at once, but little by little through the coming decades as waters dry, migrations intensify, wars burts, totalitarism spreads and pandemics… we are getting a first taste.
So think, and spread : to change, our way of thinking, our way of expressing the conclusive thoughts, our habits and finally our votes. That is how you change the world.

But not only.

Aside of this domino game, that is world large, there is another game, at your scale. You are part of local community… family, friends, colleagues, neighbors.
This community isn’t disconnected from the bigger world but it is where you shine and it is what feeds you. This group shall never be put in opposition with the others, this would be so counter productive, but it needs to be taken care of.
Act, at this community level : help your neighbors, friends, family, colleagues : they are your little world inside the bigger one. How many of us think too big ! How many of us want world wide recognition, we want to be the « best » of the World ! Be the best of YOUR WORLD. This is what matters, this is how recognition will feel worth it. You won’t get anything special from appearing on the far away screen, you will get so much on putting a smile on a friendly the face.

Today, lots of us are or will be confined. This is now the time to put all this in practice, focus on the small scale to change the big one. And the smallest but most important unit of all this change is yourself.

So enough of talking about global or local things I want to talk to you now.
About the confinement. First of all, I am aware we are not all equal in front of the confinement. You might receive that message in a big house with garden or in a small flat without window. But wherever, confinement will feel long. You need the right mindset and the appropriate techniques to go through it in the most pleasing way.

ABOUT THE MINDSET : realize, that’s the point of everything I’ve said before, realize that despite the way it looks, while being confined YOU ARE ACTIVELY helping the World to change, you are actively saving the future. By stopping the spread of the sickness and by Nourrishing new ideas that can save the our future. That is at a global level.
At your community/local level, ACT, so to impact positively this little world of yours, the cell of our greater world body.
How ? Show love to this little cell. Write poems, even bad ones, help the neighbors/elders with shopping, call people to exchange news… make a simple drawing and give it to someone ! Drawings used to be such a precious gift when you were a child, until you learnt it has no money value. You want to be a world star ? Be the world star of your little world, with whatver skill you have or you don’t have : those days, the intention matters again. Your impact at this scale will be massive. It will help others and help yourself to go through the confinement. That is where you act, don’t get frustrated because you can’t get on the other side of the world now, the covid crisis helps you focus where you should : on your World which is mostly local, filled up with people you can see with your own eyes rather than a camera.

ABOUT THE TECHNIQUE : Human mind needs variety. Curiosity is the essence of life. If you lose curiosity and excitement life is just pointless and you’ll die, wether physically or morally. Curiosity is nourished by diversity. So you need diversity. You might think diversity is hard to get when confined but that’s not true it’s just a way you look at it.
I live in a sixteen meter square appartment. And I’m allowed to go out jogging once per day. I’ve never jogged before, I hate it. Now I’m doing it every day. By not only. I write also, I give phone calls, I play, I listen to the radio, I clean, I exercice, I read, I draw. Each day ! I don’t dedicate each day to one thing, I do many things a day so when sleep-time comes I feel that I have had diversed day, a rich day, sometime more diverse than before the confinement because I put extra-attention to it.
And all the things you’ll do on a daily basis, consider them as part of a bigger project : better health-shape for the sport part, collect your drawings, poems or other small creations which will ened up being a bigger one : a book, for exemple, that you can then offer to a loved one. It is so meaningful. You will remember this memory on your death bed, ten time better than any working day, because this kind of gesture really matters to the human soul.
Learn things through reading or Youtube, you have weeks ahead to complete yourself with fresh learnt skills, something you may be so far 0 at : cooking ? Fixing ? Dancing ? Build ! Don’t spend time, don’t waste time but build.
There is so much you can accomplish once forced to dedicate time to it. It’s your mission. It is the best occasion of your life : there is nothing else to disturb you at the moment. So create, or educate yourself, still maintaining social interactions calling your loved ones or helping neighbours.

And don’t be bothered with considerations such as : will what I create, draw, write, will be published or go viral etc. Do it for your local community ! This is what matters : please your loved ones to please yourself. That works just fine.

And all this is just gonna be a very positive ADVENTURE.

We were robots. The covid crisis has unplugged us. We are now on the edge of waking up but still blurry, slightly getting concious of our captivity… thank you covid crisis, sorry the deads, sorry the sufferings but thank you this crisis for maybe avoiding ten times as many sufferings, a billion times maybe, in the coming years.

Now go shine in your cell, the cell of our bigger world wide body : so that (for whoever knows the song;) ) « Every little cell in my body is happy ! Every little cell in my body is well ! I’m so glad ! Every little cell ! In my body is happy and well ! » Thank you for listening, thank you for spreading.

Love !