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The Nabolo-blog goes English-friendly ! | Jay WorldMan

Alright ! Here we go now ! I am proud to announce that the EXCELLENT Nabolo-blog is from today on… turning ENGLISH-FRIENDLY !

Or preferably GLOBISH-FRIENDLY, « globish » being a more accurate word to design that new worldwide language based on english and filled up with words from everywhere else. Moreover, it prevents me from praising the linguistic success of my beloved neighbours… for what kind of tribute does a nation which support the burning of women deserve ?! HUH ??? (Johan, I’ll never forget !!!)

You got my point, and just as there are freedom fries in the US, there shall be, from now on, globish words in my mouth. Another advantage of it being that I virtually can’t make any orthographic or linguisticalitic mistakes : globish will be what I’ll make out of it.

I will keep on writing from a french point of view though, not that I really care anymore about all that nationalities snafu (yes : I just googled that word) but because it’s funnier, it allows me to put forward different perspectives and that’s an interesting bite to me.

Thanks to my french readers who have been supporting me so far (mummy & daddy), hope you’ll keep going in english !

Thanks to my non-french reading friends who’ve been supporting that language change : you shall have no excuse anymore not to read what I write !

Your likes and comments are expected, they’re a click to you but they’re love to me, like the cheer of a crowd to the never-ending runner, lone, sweating, but brave on his path to the cloudy mountain of creation, where the lights of inspiration shine in the breeze of… MUSES !!!! But… MUUUUUSES ! Won’t you ever leave me in peace ?!

Anyway. Despite this speech it is very likely that I dedicate few time to the blog in the coming months, given I’m fully invested in my brand newly succesful acting career (I don’t even play dead corpses anymore), but who knows… ?

There will still be articles in french though, as I’ve something like 50 articles underwork… but yay, the aim is from now on to go international.

BY THE WAY, you’re welcome to translate my former articles, for free, obviously, so that your children and grand-children can tell to their children and grand-children that, really, you were living at a time of economical crisis…

Peace be upon you all my friends ! Hope you’ll like what’s coming, and remember it will almost always be packed in sarcasm, a concept we call « second degree » in french, because we also have a third degree, a fourth, a fifth, etc. and I’m a bit aprehensive of how well you’ll understand that type of humor… So for my teutonic friends who really have no idea what I’m talking about : well… erf… forget about it, it’s too complicated ! =D

(Just keep in mind : Nabolo is a cheeky adventurous caracter, he isn’t his author :p )