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Vision for Rainbow Gatherings | Jay WorldMan

AMAZING DOCUMENT ABOUT THE RAINBOW FAMILY (from Lazer, elder brother that spoke to the Full Moon Circle of the European Gathering held in Salto, Portugal 2011)

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VISION FOR RAINBOW, from elder spoken at european garthering 2011, please read and pass on *The Shaman’s Address* *Lazer’s Full Moon Speech* * * Rainbow World Gathering 2011 *Aug – Salto – Portugal*

During the day there have been Kids Parades, English Tommy’s hilarious variety show, & the whole camp have passed through a Fern-smoke Aboriginal Cleansing Ritual led by French Jim, into a twi-lit full-moon evening Circle of some three thousand plus souls. The ceremonies, both New & Full Moon, lovingly focalized by Red-Head Lyn of Glastonbury. It was concenssed unchallenged that Lazer should make a specific concluding address at the apex of the Full Moon Ceremonial. Accordingly a troupe of some 80 souls [the Chorus] perform a spectacular Dance of the Four Elements, an Earthy love ritual, a wavey Watery storm, a sensual Air ballet, & lastly an exciting flamenco & Fire dancing finale. The circle is aroused & excited.

*Chorus*: [waving hands towards the circle] *Shaaahhhh, man, Shhaaaaa, man – shhaaaaaaahhhhh*

Lazer enters center circle & looks around at the gathered faces slowly. There is absolute silence. [placing hands together & bowing]

*Thank you all for being here. Thank you all for being.* *This is such a special privilege to address you all. Really, I thank you.*

* * *I’m so used to everyone calling me Brother, but that’s not always exactly how I feel.* *Often I feel more like some ancient Grandfather, and it looks like one of those moments . . .* * * Chorus: *Shhhaaaaaaahhh man*

*One Heart – One Mind – One Voice – Listen !*

* * *Way back, some 100 years ago, the mystics & alchemists had transformed themselves into spiritual system builders like Rudolph Steiner, Madame Blavatsky, Allister Crowley, Gurdieff etc.

Then the next generation, with inspirations from Marx & Buber & Hesse or Salvador Dali, Master Psychologists like Freud, Jung, Adler & Maslow arose, scientists of the spirit. Later; after the catastrophic mess & technological advantages from the Second World War, there arose a new generation of highly socially-conscious guides.

Protest singers like Woodie Guthrie or young Bob Dylan, & Beat Poets such as William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Lawrence Ferlangetti, Fritz Perls – to name just a few of the over-seers of our mutual evolution. And from those beat-poets arose a new set of social values, based in personal freedom, creativity, higher learning, and demanding drastic social change. Making challenge against warfare & abusal by corrupt authorities.

From that beat-culture & the beatniks came the generation of the Beatles. And somewhere around 1965 through ‘67 these trends, along with the introduction of the birth control pill, not to mention mescal, mysticism & LSD, went public – and life began both to advance towards a quantum leap in holistic awareness, & to dilute, to become expectable to the mainstream. Yoga, Rai-Ki, I Ching, long hair, drugs, health food stores & all the rest of it.*

*These are the tap-roots of our tree & the atmosphere from which the first Rainbow Family was conceived and given birth.*

* * *In 1968 an inspired young Hispanic of 21 went on the famous Marakesh trail that Donovan, Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davies et al had all by then traveled. His name was [and still is] Ricardo. He was joined by a fellow traveling dancer called Damion, and then they and their lovers were joined by Jon-Jon from South Africa. Then in Britain, in ’69, this group of 5 were joined by a young man named Fantuzzi from Puerto Rico, whom we all know & love, still disappointed from the mess of Woodstock, talking about no fences, free food kitchens & non-commercialism. And then finally I myself joined this merry band, at sweet 16, the cocky kid of the troupe. I then ‘married’ Sunshine Peri-Baron, the first ever Rainbow wedding I might add, then there were 8 of us in the Rainbow Family.*

* * *We all danced a lot, were into improvisational ‘contact’ theater, dressed in the weirdest, most colorful & outlandish costumes we could envision, & we all took huge doses of good quality psychedelics. More importantly we were all very involved in living life together as a kind of moving spiritual guerrilla encounter street-theater, aimed at Global Transformation by way of Self Illumination.*

*This formation was part of a bigger movement along with several other similar clans such as the Foole & der Gebouter Theater from Amsterdam, the Majique Cirkus of Paris, the Lindsey Kemp Troupe of London, the Incredible String Band of Scotland, Ken Keysey’s Merry Pranksters & the Doors in California. And everybody’s supreme inspiration, Julian Beck’s Living Theater of New York. – But anyway, this particular little family of freaks was referred to as the Rainbow Children [as we were all die-hard Flower-Children]. Or Butterfly People, or Rainbow Gypsies, or the Gypsies of the Rainbow. And in that period, in the summer of 1969, and in particular during the original and free first Glastonbury Fayre, in the **WISE Isles, the Rainbow Family of Living Light was initially conceived and incarnated.*

* * *And during that year many events & conversations took place. In Notting Hill Gate, with der Gebouter white-bicycle folk in Amsterdam, and at Maharj Ji’s Ashram in Ealing, where it was decided that we dance our way to India as a moving theater of enlightenment, in the name of the Guru. Most of the Rainbow Gypsies were then jailed for several months in Italy for possession of a large ball of Henna, & then returned again to England.*

* * *Then, a small van was purchased & the caravan set off to India once again. This was the first ever Rainbow Caravan, & this all happened in 1970, a year before the first National Gathering in the States took place in Colorado that following July of ’71.*

*This is the reality of our birth, yet it’s not so clearly known.*

*It needs to be remembered because not only did these events happen then, over 40 years ago, but far more importantly because in those far-off days, was born our full Vision.* * *

*And now, 40 years on, we have emerged as a global phenomena whose time has come & who have received the blessing of surviving into a new generation. Rainbow represents hundreds of thousands of souls all over the world now, we not only exist, we have grown, we have taken hold, we have matured, we have become.*

*This is why I am speaking.* *To remind us that only a part of that original Vision has been fulfilled, yet most of it has not!* *So I step forwards, as a witness, as a reminder to us all of who & what we are, & why we come to Gather.*

* *

*After tomorrow the Vision-Circle of Elders will sit to begin to decide about where to hold next years World Gathering. I have no opinion myself, but I hope to visit both the Japanese Family, who have become very strong since the World Gathering in Thailand a few years ago. And also to visit Korea where a lovely new family wishes to birth itself.

So I am up for to Host an ‘after-party’ with an Asian World Gathering in Thailand in 2013. * *If we survive the end of the world that is.*

Laughter from Circle * * *I want to address several important points if I can: On that Original Vision, about what happened during this Seed Camp, about our common future, and then I wish to perform a Dissolution of Babylon, which I shall come back to presently.*

* * Murmurs from the Circle

*One Heart – One Mind – One Family – Listen*

Chorus*: Shaaaaahhhhhh man* * *

*OK; the Rainbow Vision & the truth, here’s the big news:* *This is not a picnic.* *This not the boy scouts reunion or a refugee camp for renegade sub-cults.* *This is a magic theater.* *It’s a huge playgroup that allows anyone who chooses to suspend their day-today reality from so-called Babylon, allowing us to express ourselves freely & openly, to ourselves & to each other. We all love to have a picnic and to share and to sit in beautiful nature together, but a Gathering is not about this. Some love to smoke, some meditate, some sing Bahjans, some dig shit-pits. People work in the kitchens, serve in the circle, build organic structures or clear-up garbage, but although Rainbow is made up of all these components, and we love them, and it benefits us to perform them – these are all simply functions, not the point; things which need be done in order to facilitate us, rainbow People, whilst we are gathering together on a large scale.*

*But this is not the purpose of the Gathering itself.* *Do not confuse the body, the Corpus of Rainbow with its Heart Song of Unity with Spirit & the Personal Transformation of all.*

*This is a gathering of Souls, a theater piece that allows us to experience magic in a group context, which allows us to exchange & inter-change. This is a gathering in Spirit, a chance to face-to-face it with our-selves & with God. That is its purpose.

* *

*The sum of our rituals are arbitrary or aesthetic, in order to facilitate both the common flow and the specific circumstances. But do not get hung-up about how to hold your bowl correctly, or singing ‘Om’ even in the rain when folks are cold and hungry. Just use your common sense, be respectful & open to learn & most things will flow pretty easily by themselves.*

*The first Rainbow people were travelers, were individuals. We practiced freedom not ritualism. We played with ritualism but were not ritualists. We picked up all those habits, like sacred fires, or how to serve or hold a bowl, or dig a shit-pit for ourselves, on the road. Or adopted means like Talking Stick, as they became necessary. The American Rainbow had another set of roots and adopted many of their customs from the Amerindian traditions, there is no one set of pre-set rules. Only receiving healthy advice from those who traveled before us, & maintaining our skills so we are able to re-access the new & our ability to improvise.*

* *

*Rainbow welcomes everybody to join in and to bring their skills & experiences & wisdom to share. But we are not a Vegetarian organization. We love our veggies, but we are not an exclusive club, we are open to all. We are not all living in India even though we love our Indi-Babas. We are not ‘all’ anything! We are a floating collective of ever-changing Individuals.*

*So the factionalism & in-grouping with little private consensus circles which led to the near break-up of the Seed-Camp; this works against our common good. Some of the young people were at the verge of tears when I got to Seed-Camp because some supposed ‘Elders’ decided to buck ‘the Real’ & try to change site only days before a World Gathering was called.*

*Are you guys joking?* *Once an ‘International’ is called & notices sent out, it needs more than a few electric pylons being visible to shift an entire gathering, pipes, showers, kitchens and all. Come on . .*

*I’m not going into the negatives.* *But I do want to thank Buffalo Bill from ‘Coffee Mountain’ & Glastonbury Su for holding their ground, and I quote Su, who said at that time* *‘A thousand true Rainbow can gather round a tea cup.’ – Yes!* *The truth of Rainbow’s survival in a nutshell. Thank you for being you Su.* * *

*On this point of who are the Elders, unfortunately, unlike the American Family, we appear to live with a built-in deep confusion. The Yanks made a listing of their Elders hierarchy & acknowledge who’s who. Whereas most of the people I would consider Elders here, its because of their long time life-style & not because of their direct association with Rainbow from the early days.

The U.S. Family and the World Family are sister organisms, but not the same in several areas. The Americans have huge gatherings on July 4th lasting only one week, last year they received 25,000 souls, a very scary idea to us. We Gather during August for a month or more, & more than a few hundred souls is for us a large Gathering. They are more political, ever fighting for their Constitutional Right to Gather, we are non-political, or rather into the Politix of Being. They serve meat on occasions, we do not. They have A-Camp for alcohol, we do not. We insist on full Food-Circle twice a day, they rarely make full Circle with such large numbers. They took Talking Stick from the Medicine Man Rolling Thunder. We adopted it later at Sid Rawle’s tee-pee village in Wales. Etc, etc.* * * *So why are we so suddenly so uptight about fixed Rainbow Ways & maintaining supposed holy rituals & traditions – we have no immutable set rules – only stay awake, & spread the news.* *We need be people who are, or wish to become free thinkers & feelers, able to improvise & experiment, like jazz musicians, free flowing within our theme.* *Rainbow doesn’t need robots, nor loyal servants who do exactly what they’re told. No way.* *This is a place to be free, to play like children, or wizards, or anything we choose; to laugh, to cry, to make music, to love, to seek wisdom.* *So, less bids for leadership & rainbow police, more & more clear guides,* *& no rainbow robots, please.* * * *We do not need contention and not-so-subtle ego rivalries, and we certainly don’t need ‘babas’ who imagine dressing up as a hippy is somehow akin to matured spiritual guidance.* *Once, only the Spirit people were allowed to wear dread-locks, to be Ras Tiferi – they of the splendid head. Now it’s all reversed – the new kids have locks to their tuchas, whilst the elders are sporting dinner jackets & crew-cuts this season. Everything changes folk, even us.* * * *I do not believe there is one person alive who really knows the whole story of how these two separated Families and such a diversity of crazy-amazee spirits became the same one Rainbow that has spread across the entire globe today. It was no one person’s idea or inspiration. It was born of a consensus organic. And again, I would rather say & say clearly, we are born of Spirit, our time, the time of the Rainbow Warriors, had simply arrived. And thus until today we maintain no fixed leadership. But we do have genuine & experienced elders amongst us whos opinions should be noted.*

*And remember, anyway, all of us are still only fragile children, growing up, sharing together, in our ever-moving enchanted caravan. Each of us playing out many different roles, all in our turn.* * * A little noise Chorus*: Shaaaaahhhhhhhh man* * * *Again, I want to say here that Gareth Beck, son of Julian Beck of the Living Theater, who is a founding back-bone of U.S. Family, obviously also shares strong roots in the Theatre of Being, the Theater of Liberation; and it’s in this area, not in the rituals, that both families fully unite.* * * *Unlike the American Family who created a Council of known Elders early on, what we have in fact is a collection of folk who were likely only fresh born in the 60’s, who got involved in Rainbow during the 80’s and on. And a second group of elder travelers who although admired, have been that way most of their lives, and are for the most part withdrawn from the daily decision making process or focalizing the camp, & are anyway free enough souls to not care one hoot about being called true Rainbow or old Hippys or any other limiting label. We even have a workshop tomorrow about the origins of Rainbow by a brother I don’t ever remember meeting before. Wake up folks is the word, the days of Charam Das are passed.*

*The great green Global Village awaits us – welcome to the new.* *Hare Bom.* * * *I want to get back to the greater Vision now:* Chorus*: ssssshhhhhhhhh* * * *One Heart – One Mind – One World – Listen.* *I still have a bunch of points to touch upon, in the area of our own immediate future. On our on-going Here & Now; coming very shortly.* * * *As I mentioned before; the Original Vision had two parts, albeit each one is totally inter-woven with the other.* *The first part was concerning our life style, the Rainbow Family, as an open group of traveling performers concerned with revealing the Spirit of Love & Light into the every-day world. Buddha’s in the market place, clowns before the Most High.* *And this happened long ago. And this is what is still happening here today, and at every Gathering, the continuation of that spiritualized life-style vision.* * * *The second part of the Vision was actually much stronger & far more important to us;* *that we were only a micro-speck of a new & higher Awareness being born across this planet.* *That we not only had to live by our Vision, and equally to spread it, but that this ‘new way of looking’ concerned not only us but the whole Planet. It concerns everybody, your mum, my mum, our families & friends, the Generals & Ministers & Presidents, my many brothers and sisters where-e’er they dwell, in wealth or in poverty, in sickness & in health.* *It is a marriage, we to our selves, us into Spirit.* * * *Every incarnate soul needs to be released, renewed & re-born, and at the very least to have water & food for our children & shoes for our feet. We envisioned a world without Consumerism & misery, a world of Justice, where truth is freely spoken, where we do not violate & are not violated, & with a final end to wars.* *We truly believed in these things & should do so still.* *To live in a world where people help each other & share & can live without fear in self dignity.* *A world full of Grace & magic, full of awareness, full of goodness & comprehension, built on an enduring global peace, in compassion & for the mutual good.*

Lazer stops still & silent – the Circle in absolute silence also * *

*But this larger part of the original Rainbow Vision has not happened yet! Not by a long way.* *I still cannot travel without a passport.*

Voices from Circle:* Ho* * * *One World – One Mind – One Heart – Listen* Chorus & the Gathered remain in complete silence * *

*The world is still in pain, in fear, in tension, far from harmony with Spirit, in dire desperation.* *This isn’t a picnic for God’s sake – This is the battle field of Armageddon.* * * *This is our Planet in intense transformation, giving birth to itself, with no map of the future.* *We need Healers, we need many children’s schools & centers to learn Mid-wifery. Birthing is not a disease, its not a thing for hospitals, birthing must stay an active craft amongst the people. Please sisters.*

*We need ‘old folks homes’ for old hippies – with ones own choice of preferred medicaments, served by angelic nurses*. [laughs]** *Not everybody wants to get old & to die alone in a city.*

*We need constructers, community builders, real Elders, not only a field school of alternative education, flirtation & inebriate celebration.* * * *Big changes are going to have to happen & not too far away.* *Our kitchens; Magic-Hat co-ordination & bringing in such large amounts of healthy supplies has become strained. [Thank you so much for your dedication, Bo, & all of you]* *In the near future, if we start getting 5,000 souls & up, & we will be – I don’t think we’ll be able to handle it so well. With all respect to the fantastic works that have gone on in the kitchens daily. It is not easy to cook for 1000s of people, it really isn’t, but to have a single kitchen often manned by inexperienced volunteers, that’s really a little bit crazy, no? Maybe we should realize we already have a Kids kitchen, a Raw Foods kitchen, WISE Isles kitchen, Bill’s Coffee Mountain, & Shambala kitchen opens tomorrow. Why not have several breakfast places & only Circle once a day. Especially when it’s raining! At American Gathering they have many kitchens with a variety of dietary choices; in England we had alternative solar ovens & produced alternative natural electricity. Perhaps we have to start examining other models & new visions more carefully, certainly other working Rainbow models.* * * *We need big living Caravans, huge tracts of land to dwell on . . I’ll say it like this:* *Elders aside; I see rainbow as operating in three distinct spheres.* *One; that of an entertaining & educational field school for new souls in their younger or opening years, a place for work-shops & play-groups, as the main camp has de facto become.* *This is emerging as the largest & far more energy consuming kind of sharing that happens at the Gatherings, which have become the portal by which new folk get to meet the more experienced.* * * *Perhaps we should begin to look at loosely sectioning off parts of the camp, as is with A-Camp or Kids or Retreat areas. We might consider that the immediate area stretching out from Welcome Center contains basic info on ‘what is Rainbow & how thing work’, or even guided tours for new comers, & all the larger workshops. And this would be the area where folks sit up talking around chai-fires & playing music, as distinct from a quieter Elders section, where those that live in the old way may build their tee-pees & yurts in relative peace, maturity & sagity, set aside from the madding crowd.* * * *The Second sphere which needs be more strongly emphasized is Moving Caravans in which people who wish to live the Rainbow life-style in a group setting, on a continual basis, can travel.*

*Rainbow is not what it once was considered in Europe, & unlike the American Family is not considered a threat to national insecurity, but en contraire, we bring both hope & more importantly money, into the communities through which we travel.*

*We can now, I believe, sustain large caravans, continually on the move, performing theater, exchanging, educating, worshipping & celebrating wherever we set up our encampments.* *We need permanent moving Caravans across Europe, in Africa, in South America, in the Far East and of course, across India.*

Circle:* Ho* * * *In this same vein; we need Rainbow Projects; hundreds of schools, cafes, yoga centers, arts & crafts centers, performance bands, education centers, whatever.* *Understand: these types of smaller & personal projects cannot be ‘pure’ Rainbow – such projects need money to run and need charge to cover their costs. It’s OK, we need to earn our bread & we also need to touch the people. Don’t be angry at yourselves for not being pure or whole, Rainbow projects still display your love and our general attitude to life. Create stuff, folk – & get your creative activities out there. Rainbow people have so much to offer & we have to touch everyone everywhere.*

Circle:* Ho* * * *The Third sphere is the greatest and by far the most important:* *We need huge Community Projects, we need vast tracts of land; the time is now upon us.* *There are hundreds of thousands of single mothers with kids, or just sensitive artistic people who simply aren’t fitted for city life, who need permanent dwellings which they have a right to stay & to own.*

Circle:* Ho*

*No Rainbow landlords, no ‘clan’ pre-conditions, no threats – we need hundreds of thousands of places for permanent & secure dwelling & education in natural environs without fear of eviction for all.* * * Circle:* Ho*

*Are you hearing me?* * * *We need training schools & Wisdom Centers. We need project–oriented organic little rainbow cities. Yes, cities, spread & funky & organic, & covering large territories. There are millions & millions of homeless people, & they’re selling the planet, Mama Earth is for sale. And if we need to buy Her back in order to save Her, good old Patcha-Mama, I think She’s really worth it, don’t you? Anyone here need a place to stay?*

*Do we have any Community Builders amongst us?* *Want to get together, folks? – I know we do.* *It’s really your time, community builders, we really need you.* * * *Get the message: We are really needed now, we are called –* *the whole World needs us very badly.* *This is not the appropriate time for simply taking a holiday in the country, getting your quick-hit of Rainbow Fever, & then back to the city re-energized & talking about your fantastic hippy holidays –* *This is the Apocalypse, darn it.* *Right Now!* *All who consider yourselves Warriors of the Rainbow, right now,* *we are all desperately needed!* * * *Actually, I even have an answer to the rule of the mega-corporations & the IMF.*

*I’m open to see the formation of a World Magic-Hat, collecting millions of dollars in order to sponsor land buying & community building. I’m deadly serious.* *How much money is being made by the Growers – hey guys, time to put a fair share back into the Magic-Hat. Anyone with friends in Show-Business, or Silicone Valley, we need vast areas of community land, did I mention that – and I’ll guarantee your hearts the best returns ever.* *Anyone who wants to talk to me about Hat-Holding, or otherwise, I can be found most of the time on top of that hill *[points across fire]* in ‘Sacred Space.’ Everybody’s welcome.* * * * * *Rainbow are the natural link with the Native Peoples of the world, & this is our true power base. We cannot afford to remain so dominantly Western or so overwhelmingly Middle Class any longer. Where ever you are, help the local native peoples, please, especially in under-developed areas. We speak the same language of Earth & Sky, of simple truth. And we possess so much valuable information between us. The Native Peoples of this planet really need us too.* * * Some voices:* Ho* * * *We also need to re-open communication channels with the Wealthier of our brethren & sisteren. More than we need to receive their donations, many people actually desperately need to give. The first Rainbow oriented community project I know of was on the Isle of Skye in 1971, & the seed-money came from John Lennon & Donavan Leitch. One used to see George Harrison or Stevie Winwood & all kinds of interesting characters around at early Gatherings but we don’t see these kind of people participating in Rainbow anymore. – Why not?* *Because we scared them off with our now-engrained philosophy of fear of all things material.*

*Rainbow welcomes all of planet Earth – Welcome Home* * * *Focus* * * *One Heart – One Mind – One Planet – Listen* * * *None of us started out walking, no one was born already talking, whatever we know we had to learn. And I agree, it isn’t always easy to learn new stuff, but hey, it’s got to get done. We each need to develop ourselves, to become that which we are ever becoming. The river has a destination. Whatever it is you’re into, polish & nurture the best & get rid of the waste & baggage. Keep your body supple & healthy, your heart warm & nourished, your desires monitored, your minds sharp & alert. Learn how to think correctly, to break apart & to put things back in working order, to learn to see the whole, to synthesize, to reduce, to learn to change perspective, to finish what you started.* * * * * *No-Mind doesn’t mean not thinking, or thoughtlessness, or without mindfulness. Don’t lose your mind – its far better to stay clearly in contact with it, to learn how to tackle your questioning trials & unsorted Confusions, towards gaining a integrated perspective in Clarity. It means remaining receptive & fazing out that endless internal chatter. It refers to a calm uncluttered meditative state from which to contemplate from. As correct action is born from stillness, or wise speech is born out of silence.*

*We each carry a bag-load of babble which we’ve inherit from our society, religions, schools & parents & the TV & all the rest of it. Yet we travel out from that inherited Chaos, towards a state of Clarity, this is the spiritual journey.*

*To see the ‘real’ in an uncluttered fashion, to be in contact with our Now, with ‘the actual’.* *To feel our own heart’s song, our body’s needs, to be real – to become both whole & holy.* *To attain for ourselves a wholesome adulthood in full & healthy maturity of body, heart & mind.* * * *So what is all this being ‘Here & Now business?* *It doesn’t mean doing ‘what ever the heck you feel’ – that’s just a weak excuse for hedonism, dominated by your own desires & cravings instead of listening carefully to the whispers of the Presence Within. To be here & now is being open to the Livingness, to be part of the constant unfoldings & shiftings of the dance divine eternal.*

*We live at the inter-face between two worlds: Behind us the Past, everything that ever was, crystallized & set in memory. Everything that has already been & has now gone.*

*Yet before us, flying at us & into us from all directions is the Future; a vast ocean of unending potential, not yet arrived into manifestation, yet open to inter-action & change.* *And we live at the inter-face, on the cutting edge where past & future meet, in the Here & Now.* * * *And if we learn to see, with our third-eye, hear with our inner ear, if we are open to receive, every moment is chok-a-blok full of potential realities which, if we grab them, then we can share in the art of creation. Every moment contains poetry, new songs to be sung and new pictures to be painted, insights to the profoundest depths of wisdom, beauty, love, inspiration, & even the potential for our full enlightenment. But these wonderful presents only exists for one extended moment, in the present, right here & right now – then its gone again, for ever turned to the past.* * * *We can only make love in the now, we can only dance right here & now, at no other time can life be lived. We can only learn or change or feed ourselves or meet Spirit in the Now. Only right here & now. Being here now doesn’t mean doing whatever just grabs you, or doing whatever you feel just because you feel it – just the opposite, that’s actually losing the plot. Every now we have to choose again & again, to use this moment wisely, to gain the most we can from this new potential. And now again, to choose to be just, to choose to be kind, to gain the very best outcome that the situation offers.

To share our wisest truth, to love our beloved the best we can. We can only learn or be thankful or celebrate the richness we’ve been granted here & now – because it never comes round again, and that poem, that song, that friend, that advice, if we do not stay alert, we might just miss them. Good Fortune is when preparedness & right timing meet.* * * *We need look at the world with the eyes of a Healer, this is the way of the wise. With a focus to heal, to better life in the immediate, to get to the places that hurt & help re-balance them.* *We need try to live in a state where our every move makes sense, where our every action counts & every word we speak is true. This is Mastery. A healer can’t afford to make silly mistakes, we can’t afford inaccuracy or inconsistency. We can’t afford to keep lying to ourselves.* *A true healer isn’t focused in their self but is receptive to the others pains, to see the real needs of your fellow with keen clarity, yet not passing judgment, & willing to give your all to the other.* *Well, no-one’s perfect I know, but that’s what King Solomon says anyway.* * * *I’ve been talking for a while so just one more thing. Two more things:* *You can close your eyes for a moment. You’re safe & warm.* *The path is inside of us, all the rest is purely externals.* * * *Each of us need to find our shape, I don’t mean we confine ourselves into one mode, but that we define & practice & polish our talents & our skills, for we need to master a craft in this world in order to master our Selves.*

*Ask yourself:* *Do I have a purpose, a special talent, or specialized knowledge that only I could bring to the world? What defines ‘Me’ in the world, what special gifts has the Livingness granted me?* *And how am I going to achieve living up to my full potential?* *Perhaps there’s something only I can do, something unique, & I am the one to that task has been entrusted. The Great Work! The only thing we really have to do, the thing we are created for:*

*What is this for me?* * * *Yet in putting the big question out there; Who am I, we also need ask ourselves how far we are willing to really live out our full potential. The story is about self-realization, about making that Self, which most of us are still only dreaming about, real.* *Will I realize my Self? Will I mature to be a mature human being? To become Enlightened?* *One of the rare ones, one who measures & translates clearly, one of the truly valuable ones.*

*Will you only achieve being a good Christian, a firm Buddhist, a renewed Jew, or a traditional style Baba Rainbow. It’s a magic theatre, will you play a staring role in your own life, or settle for a walk-on part?* *Or will you claim your own Buddhahood, realize Christ Consciousness within yourself, become the Law Bringer, a true Rainbow Warrior, right here on earth. Not only monkeys who know how to copy others spirituality, but to bring forth a religion from your own illuminations, to embody the creative living Spirit, right here & right now, into this worldly reality.* * * *As the Sages asked;* *If I am for my Self – who am I?* *If I am not for my Self – who will be for me?* *& if not now – when?*

* * *And one step further still, lets push it to the max.* *I call it the Messianic position.* *If I were the one, the only one, who could say what needs be said, so well that everybody would hear it. If it fell on me alone & unaided to save the whole world, how would I do that?* * *

*Not just being a good student, an apprentice, a journey man learning my Self.* *Not even stopping at Mastery or greatness.* *But if it were all down to little old you, just you – could you find that potential in your Self to do what needs be done?* * * *We are the ones we have been waiting for!* * * From the gathered:* Ho!* * * *And now, ladies & gentlemen, brothers & sisters, sons & daughters; I wish to perform a Dissolution of Babylon.*

* * > Murmers & comments. > Chorus:* Sssssshhhhhaaaaaa man* > * * *One Mind – One Heart – One World* *I hereby dissolve Babylon.* *Listen.* * * *Its one thing to love nature & to want to get away from the cities, but cursing the electric pylons which run the refrigerators & the lights in the village as ‘Babylon’, that’s extremist, people.* *We fought for years against nuclear power & now suddenly these quiet gentle wind-generators we fought for are being presented as demons from hell. Did anyone here read Don Quixote?* * * *Don’t confuse those despicable power hungry maniacs ruling from their heavily armed ivory towers, from the everyday life in which all of us participate.* *Don’t be hypocrites, don’t be torn inside.* *The transformation of this society, rotten to the core with all its greed & lusts & hatred & destruction, is our own transformation. We are part of this society, we are all in this together, this unbalanced planet’s destiny is shared by one & all, just try to part of the cure.*

*Because it isn’t the Sixties any more, people, we’re living here now in the 21st century, like it or not. We all have mobile phones, credit cards, utilize petroleum products & wear clothes made in sweat shops.*

*Come on, who’s fooling who?* *Reality rules – we must deal with that which is.* * * *There is a war being fought, a terrible battle, a war for the domination of our souls & the subjugation of our Mama. But we cannot defeat the multi-nationals & the military industrial complex & the big banks & the petroleum companies & the corrupt Courts & the law enforcement agencies by their own means – that would mean suicide.* *We need bring the battle into our own court, into the court of loving compassion.* *That was the symbol of Flower-Power, the power of those kids reading poems & putting flowers into the M16 rifles of those poor confused, scared young soldiers at the Raising of the Pentagon.* *It is a different kind of power, but power none the less.* *The change we seek happens through love, through hugging, through being satisfied, through our laughter. It spreads like a carpet fire, unseen beneath the jungles surface. It works through butterfly wings creating ripples, through miracles & magic, by the hand of the Livingness.* *There is no Them & Us, no others, only one big We.* *One World – One Voice – One Green Global Village.* *We must be at one with ourselves & with the world about us.* *Fall down Babylon – tear down the walls, in your Self.* *Allow your Self to be at one.* * * *We must have one blessing for one and all, no exceptions, no favorites.* *This is the only way in which the challenge of the war against wars will be won. We must bless our enemies with the same blessing that we would give our own children.* *One Heart – One Mind – One Love to all* * * *I wish you peace. I wish you liberation. I wish you love.* *I wish you Happiness & joy.* *May you only speak the truth & only have the truth spoken to you.* *May you violate no soul & may no soul violate you.* *May you be just & fair & may others be fair & just with you.* *May you have food on your table & shoes for your feet, water in your well & your trees bear fruit. May you sleep peacefully, tonight & every night, may you eat healthily, enjoy the best in life, enjoy your wife, and kids, and parents and friends, & have the best orgasms ever.*

*May you gain in strength & comprehension,* *May you give & find empathy & compassion.* *I pray you don’t need to steal & no-one rips you off.* *May you attain to wisdom & achieve success, may you be satisfied with what you’ve already received. May humor never leave you & sickness never stay.* *May Spirit grant you to become a worker of the light, a healer, a teacher & a beneficial guide for us all. May you respect others & be respected.* *May your scales be balanced & your words hold true.* *May you forgive yourself the mistakes you’ve made, may you be able to Self renew.* *May you realize fully the true nature of reality, to listen to the voice that guides & see the signs around you. May you fulfill your up-most potential.* *May you be the mirror I most need to see.* *May you be the one who helps set me free.* * * *It’s the same for your beloved, the same for Barak Obama.*

*We are One Circle, One Family, One Planet, & every piece of the puzzle is a part of the whole.* * * *No more Babylon – I banish you, I dissolve you.* *Our time is too precious to be spent in either fight or flight.* *Nurture the good & clear out your poisons.* *We cannot afford to be fighting ourselves inside.* *Except what Is, & help change or heal what you can.* * * *I think I’ve said what I wanted to now.* *Thank you all very much.* * * [suddenly bowing, hands together]

*Hare Hare 24/7s.* *Hare Hare super-market check-out girls.* *Hare Hare molecular biology.* *Hare Hare theoretical physics.* *Hare Hare nano-technology.* *Hare Hare psychology.* *Hare Hare laser surgery.* *Hare Hare the motor car & bicycle.* *Hare Hare iPods & ambulance drivers.* *Hare Hare personal computers.* *Hare Hare all attempts at democracy. Hare Hare an end to hypocrisy.* *[& thanks for the drugs, God]* *Bom Shankar – Hare Hare Bom* * * *How about some music, people . . .*

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